Codebender: Edu

Now the whole class can write, test and compile their Arduino code, and program their boards within the browser.

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Teachers - no more hassle

Codebender's features will make your job easier and make your students fall in love with Arduino.

No installation

Say goodbye to manual setups and time-sucking installations. Why? Because codebender:edu is immediately available and up-to-date as soon as students open up their browser.

Yes, right inside the browser your students can write, test and compile Arduino code. Then they can program their Arduino board from the same browser. It couldn't be simpler.

Codebender - No installation
Codebender - Classroom ready

Classroom ready

We get it. Teaching students' tough new concepts can be very hard. Never mind making sure everyone is on the same page, coding the same line and following along in the same place.

With Codebender it's made easy. See, students can literally follow along step-by-step. How? Thanks to the unique teaching URL we give you. With it you can explain everything, and guide the whole class with ease.

Works with Chromebooks

Chromebooks can't install regular applications that other operating systems can. So Codebender gets around that by working within the browser. But don't worry. Codebender operates flawlessly on Chrome OS, as well as other operating systems.

Codebender - Works with Chromebooks
Codebender - Compliant with all regulations

Compliant with all regulations

When it comes to younger students, safety and privacy should be the number one concern. That's why we took time and made Codebender totally compliant. And it is with all regulations that allow it to be used in schools with younger students (i.e. COPPA, FERPA).



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Chromebook Support
Supports Arduino Libraries

Available plans

Available plans

Have a requirement for less than 10 or more than 100 students? Write to us at [email protected] for a custom plan.



Designed for up to 10 students

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Designed for up to 20 students

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Designed for up to 45 students

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